ID SONG Lead Vocals Lead Guitar Rhythm Guitar Combo Lead & Rhythm Harmony Vocals Bass
1 If You Could Read My Mind           Dan
2 Sundown           Dan
3 Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald           Dan
4 Carefree Highway            
5 I'm Not Sayin' Cathy          
6 Early Mornin' Rain            
7 Ribbon Of Darkness Cathy          
8 Song For A Winter's Night Bill          
9 Canadian Railroad Trilogy            
10 For Lovin' Me            
11 Don Quixote Bill          
12 Sit Down Young Stranger Ed Matt Cathy      
13 Alberta Bound            
14 Heaven Don't Deserve Me Cathy          
15 Too Much To Lose            
16 Minstrel Of The Dawn Bill Matt Cathy      
17 Highway Songs Ed          
18 Did She Mention My Name            
19 Same Old Obsession Bill or Ed          
20 Heaven Help The Devil Derek          
21 Beautiful Derek Matt Cathy and Derek      
22 House You Live In Derek          
23 Rainy Day People            
24 Whisoer My Name Derek          
25 On The High Seas       Cathy    
26 Too Late For Prayin' Ed   Cathy      
27 Your Love's Return Bill or Ed   Cathy      
28 Pussy Willows, Cattails Bill          
29 16 Miles to 7 Lakes Bill or Derek          
30 Last Time I Saw Her Bill          
31 Bitter Green Ed Matt Cathy   Derek  
32 Summertime Dream Matt          
33 Cotton Jenny            
34 10 Degrees and Getting Colder Ed          
35 The Circle Is Small            
36 Old Dan's Records            
37 Cold On The Shoulder