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Lori Uffner

Lori with Lightfoot
Lori with Lightfoot

Lori was born on Long Island, NY in 1959. She started playing music at the age of 8 with the customary and mandatory piano lessons. She fell in love with the sounds of an acoustic guitar and, as a teenager, purchased her first guitar and a chord book and taught herself how to play.

She started by learning to play the music of John Denver and Harry Chapin and moved onto playing Lightfoot music about 15 years ago. She attended many of the Harry Chapin music workshops that he hosted in Huntington, NY each year, hoping to pick up some pointers.

Her first love is playing the music of Lightfoot but she also enjoy playing anything she can on an acoustic guitar. She has spent many Saturday nights jamming with some of the local talent in the area, spreading the sounds of Lightfoot, and she is thrilled to do so again with the Lightfoot Tribute Band.


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