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Matt Carl

Matt Carl hails from Michigan and cites Gordon Lightfoot as the major influence on his music. "Gord's combination of lyric, melody, harmony, and rhythm combined with the Lightfoot band members' performance remains almost uncanny." Having played guitar on and off from the time he was 8, the light turned with those first Lightfoot songs and hasn't gone out yet. "Clicking with the fellow newsgroupers in Toronto was very special. It's really weird to play with folks you've never ever even met and to 'know' where they're going with a song."

Matt plays guitar, bass, and more recently has been venturing into mandolin and dobro. Besides the pickers in Gord's band, Matt's influences include the likes of Bob Dylan, Bill Staines, James Kelleghan, Paul Simon, Jerry Douglas, Tony Rice, Sam Bush. Of course, no one can ever ignore the influence the Beatles. Two secret musical ambitions are to better learn how to arrange and to yodel - not necessarily in that order.

For a number of years, Matt has operated a coffeehouse dedicated to raising awareness and money for community organizations. He also operates a small project studio and has produced some projects for local community bands and choirs as well as his own original material. Matt currently belongs to a group whose simple format is similar to a songwriter's circle or a Nashville guitar pull. The same group of friends morphs into "The Lectrik Geezers" when playing locally in Michigan.


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